Tandoor ASIA

The wall thickness: 7 cm
Height: 119 cm
Height without cover: 82 cm
Diameter: 57 cm
Weight: 142 kg

Tandoor complete - 1 pc, scaper - 1 pc., scoop - 1 pc., grid - 1 pc., skewers - 8 pc., cover opening mechanism.

Delivery to all European countries.


Safety :

-  During the first time increase the inside temperature gradually;
-  Do not spill water on the hot tandoor oven;
-  Exercise additional caution when using a tandoor oven under windy conditions;
-  The flames can go up as high  as 1m.;
-  Keep your tandoor oven in a shed or in its slip cover;
-  Tandoor‘s metal surfaces get extremly hot and can cause severe burns if touched without using gloves.
   Then using tandoor please use proper protection like oven mitts made with natural fibers;
-  Never leave children alone when operating a tandoor oven;
-  When using a tandoor in an extremly cold weather increase the inside temperature gradually.